Language Switcher tip: accented characters menu

Also helpful if you’re using the Language Switcher plugin for Wordpress is to have a dropdown menu in the edit post/page section for inserting the HTML codes for accented characters. Donald Noble’s website has a solution – here’s a breakdown of what it does.

1. In the wordpress/wp-includes/js/quicktags.js file, add the following code before function edToolbar() { (around line 257).

// 2 new functions added by DRN to give dropdown character select
function edInsertChar(tmpChar) {
	edInsertContent(edCanvas, tmpChar);
function edInsertCharSelect(){
								//  1/4    1/2    3/4                         ^2     ^3
	var edChars = new Array(

	document.write('<select id="ed_char" onchange="edInsertChar(this.value);" title="">');
	document.write('<option value="0" selected="selected">char </option>');
	for(i=0;i<edChars.length;i++) {
		document.write('<option value="&amp;'+edChars[i]+';">&'+edChars[i]+';</option>');


Note that more characters can be inserted into this list or the order changed – just insert the HTML character codes between single quotes, minus the ‘&’ and the ‘;’.

2. Then, in the edToolbar function itself, add the line edInsertCharSelect(); as shown:

function edToolbar() {
	document.write('<div id="ed_toolbar">');
	for (i = 0; i < edButtons.length; i++) {
		edShowButton(edButtons[i], i);
	document.write('<input type="button" id="ed_spell" class="ed_button" onclick="edSpell(edCanvas);" title="' + quicktagsL10n.dictionaryLookup + '" value="' + quicktagsL10n.lookup + '" />');
	document.write('<input type="button" id="ed_close" class="ed_button" onclick="edCloseAllTags();" title="' + quicktagsL10n.closeAllOpenTags + '" value="' + quicktagsL10n.closeTags + '" />');
//	edShowLinks(); // disabled by default
	edInsertCharSelect(); // DRN addition

The result should look something like this:


You should now be able to select accented characters from the list and drop them into your post, without having to remember the HTML codes.

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